Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top Nintendo DS Games for Girls

Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming system that has been around for many years, and has been loved by girls of any age since the very beginning. This year, Nintendo will be stocking store shelves with some of the best DS games for kids. As expected, there is a Nintendo DS game available for just about any hobby, movie, or game imaginable, so the hardest thing you'll need to do when finding the perfect one for the girl on your list is choosing which ones NOT to give, since your options will be endless! To get your job started, here are some of 2010's top Nintendo DS games for girls.

At the top of the best DS games for kids list is Cooking Mama, the first game in a long line of cooking games set to come out of the next few years. Cooking Mama is a game where you a given a time limit to pretend to prepare, cook, and present a huge variety of meals. Cooking Mama, who is also your guide through the game, will judge your meal on a scale of 0 to 100. Another great game for girls out this year is the Littlest Pet Shop, where kids can learn how to run their own pet shop. In the game, players are taught how to care for pets while also learning how to budget funds and purchase supplies. Both of these games are available at £15-£30.

If cooking and pet shops don't really hit the mark for the girl you're buying for, don't worry - there are still a lot more games to choose from! Other best DS games for kids include Disney Princess: Magic Jewels, which allows players to choose their favorite Disney princess, and power through levels that help to restore the magic in their respective kingdom. Some other best sellers are in the form of karaoke games, one from Camp Rock (The Final Jam) and another from Hannah Montana (Music Jam).

Whether buying for a friend or relative, you'll be sure to make put a smile on her face on Christmas morning with one of these top Nintendo DS games for girls.

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